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Action with Africa

Education Module

Enactus project teams that have successfully signed up for the Action with Africa Challenge need to complete the Education Module.

Four videos will help your project team to understand the Action with Africa submission requirements better. In March, the five nominated team members will be invited by email to the education platform and three of them need to complete the modules.

Table of Contents

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Introduction to the Action with Africa Challenge

Introduction to the Action with Africa Challenge

Progress Report & Pitch Video Preparation

Progress Report & Pitch Video Preparation​

Read Script | 1st Progress Report | 2nd Progress Report

+++ Update +++
All admitted project teams were informed on 19 April that an Adobe webform must be used for the submission. It looks the same way like Progress Report template presented in this video. The access link was sent exclusively via email to project leaders, project members and Faculty Advisors.

Impact Measurement & SDGs

Impact Measurement & SDGs

Business & Financial Planning

Business &
Financial Planning



The Action with Africa program is an Africa-focused initiative that aims at creating jobs and local SDG impact. To ensure that the project funding is used in African countries, we ask you to explain how you realize your project locally from outside Africa and who supports you with this as a local partner.

No. If you want to change the title after having submitted the Action Entry, please contact and request approval for the change. Projects which submit under a different title than the one initially registered may be excluded from the Challenge.

No, it is only required that the university team presents a project at the National Competition. It does not need to be the project participating in the Action with Africa Challenge.

Teams have the chance to win their share of EUR 100,000 awarded as project funding:

RankingProject Funding (EUR)
4 – 65,000
7 – 121,500