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TOP 6 Project Teams Released!

On Friday, 23 June, representatives from Enactus Germany and its project partners BASF, Wilo-Foundation and Wilo SE announced the TOP 6 projects of the Action with Africa Challenge! The finalists will be invited to attend the Action with Africa Challenge Final on 17 October and the Action with Africa Award Ceremony on 19 October at Enactus World Cup 2023 in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The TOP 6 projects are:

  • “BiRi” from Modern Academy, Egypt
  • “Coldbikes” from Joseph Sarwan Tarka University, Nigeria
  • “EPACT” from Higher Institute of Computer Science, Tunisia
  • “Kira” from October 6 University, Egypt
  • “P2P” from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
  • “Snelia” from Ain Shams University, Egypt

A recording of the TOP 6 Announcement live streamed from Enactus Germany’s National Competition is still available on YouTube:

Further information about the Action with Africa events at Enactus World Cup and how to sign up will be released soon.